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Early Signs Of Pregnancy And The First Week After Conception

14 June 2011 | 05:58 am

The first week after conception is a really important time for any woman. Very few mums-to-be recognise the fact that they’ve conceived and are about to embark on the most phenomenal journey of their lives but that isn’t to say the signs aren’t there. The first week after conception is usually the period of time that the first signs of pregnancy emerge. They are noticeable if you know what you’re looking for but then are easy to mistake for something else.

Below is a little more information about the early signs of pregnancy that may start within the first week and also what they’re commonly mistaken for to give you a fighting chance!

1. Cramping And Spotting – It’s common for a woman to experience a little implantation bleeding and cramping during the very first week or pregnancy. This is when the fertilised egg is implanted into the uterus wall. The small spots of blood are obviously a result of this as some of the wall would be loosened. However, it’s usually mistaken for an actual period, a result of sex the night before or some sort of minor infection.

2. A Missed Period – This is one of the more obvious signs of becoming pregnant, even if this does occur after the first week. It is important to note that not every pregnant woman will miss her first period though. Instead, if you’re one of those women then you might find that it’s lighter than normal or it doesn’t last as long. The routine things that this is mistakenly blamed on are stress, weight gain or loss, coming off the contraceptive pill and tiredness.

3. Swollen Breasts – This is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, with some women experiencing it a few days after conception. However, they needn’t be swollen. It could just be that they feel tender or slightly sore, which can be attributed to breast feeding, the contraceptive pill, the onset of a period or even just taking a slight knock.

4. Tiredness – We all feel tired from time to time, but this is also one of the signs of pregnancy. This is also one of the earliest signs as it can start within a matter of days of conception. Stress, a lack of sleep and another illness like a cold can be blamed for this, which may be why many women don’t pick up on it.

5. Morning Sickness – Not every expectant mother has to deal with morning sickness, but those that do may experience it from the second week on. Nausea and vomiting are common problems but can easily be mistaken for a stomach bug, food poisoning, stress or hunger (depending on the level of queasiness of course!).

6. Backache – This is one of the little noticed pregnancy signs because it could be a lot of things and many people suffer with backache on a daily basis. A dull ache can be attributed to stress, menstruation, strain and other new or existing back problems.

7. Headache – A headache during pregnancy can occur from day one as a result of suddenly elevated hormone levels. However, headaches are often dismissed as signs of stress, dehydration, eye strain, tiredness or any number of other things.

8. Darkening Of The Areolas – A darkening of the skin around your nipples is common during pregnancy but very few women notice until after their pregnancies are confirmed. Colouring can be slight or extreme, but if it is noticeable then it can be attributed to a previous pregnancy or a slight hormone imbalance.

Food cravings and frequent urination are also signs of pregnancy but they aren’t the earliest signs. They come later on in the pregnancy and can last the duration of your pregnancy. If any of the above signs are present though, you might want to take a test.

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    im having two of this tiredness and backache

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